Camilla Jayne – Babewatch Lifeguard: Midsummer’s Night 2012

Camilla Jayne - Babewatch Lifeguard

Appearing on Babestation as a Babewatch lifeguard on Thursday 21st June 2012, Camilla Jayne gives the midsummer solstice an air of extra safety.

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Tiffany Chambers and Lacey Lorenzo at London Fetish Fair

“Sorry Sir, we’ve just sold out of flat-packed dungeons, but we could upsell you a select range of jewellery that goes down your pants?”…

Back in the days when Babestation was based in the capital, dynamic duo Tiffany Chambers (left) and Lacey Lorenzo represent the TV channel at the London Fetish Fair.

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Old Pictures of Lori Buckby

Lori Buckby Party People

To start the ball rolling, here’s a newly distilled capture from archive footage of the noughties flirt show Party People. This was the programme on which long-time interactive TV chat babe Lori Buckby first connected with the UK terrestrial TV audience. Continue reading “Old Pictures of Lori Buckby”

Preeti Young – Olympic Summer 2012

Preeti Young wink - Babestation 2012

Zooming back to the year of 2012, and a reminder that the UK could have won at least one more Olympic gold had there been a winking category in the games.

Yes, ’tis long-time Babestation luminary Preeti Young fronting Babestation 1 in the summer of the London Olympics. Guests from around the world sampling British television for the first time may well have been tempted to arrange further visits after encountering Babestation’s topless and naked models across Channels 93 to 96, all night, every night of the week. Continue reading “Preeti Young – Olympic Summer 2012”

Ashley Emma in Close-Up (Elite TV)

Ashley Emma - Elite TV Close-up

Following on from a previous image of Ashley Emma on Elite TV, here’s a close-up face shot of the Babestation regular, back in her blonde days, on Freeview Channel 192.

The introductions to Elite TV’s night show of the early tenties would run without sales graphics, allowing some great opportunities for high-impact TV screen captures. Despite the low bandwidth of Channel 192’s transmission feed, the steady camera shot, coupled with a monochrome rendition, has produced a fine image of a glowing model. Continue reading “Ashley Emma in Close-Up (Elite TV)”

Tiffany Rose: Studio66 TV – March 2017

Tiffany Rose - Studio66 TV, March 2017

Is it the next Bond movie? Nope, ’tis Tiffany Rose taking charge of the Studio66 TV Morning Show on 27th March 2017.

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Fernanda Ferrari – TMTV March 2010

Fernanda Ferrari - TMTV 7 March 2010

At the height the UK babe TV era, here’s Fernanda Ferrari introducing Early Bird on TMTV Freeview 98. It’s 05:30 on Sunday 7th March 2010, and Fernanda (today a Studio66 model) has just taken over on set from Donna Duke. Continue reading “Fernanda Ferrari – TMTV March 2010”