Jet Black and Dionne Mendez

Jet Black and Dionne Mendez Bang Babes

Jet Black (left) with Dionne Mendez on Bang Babes – TMTV, Freeview Channel 98, 2010

You can now find more from this scene in Bang Babes Early Hours (post is NSFW).



Bob Smith:
I need a very, very, very, very, very, very cold shower.

Simon Cowell:    [Details]
It’s me again… People have been saying my visits to this blog have nothing to do with the spiralling Like count on Louis Walsh’s Facebook page, or my great sadness at the fact that no one realises I can play the organ. They’re saying that the real reason I come here is because I’m looking for pictures of women’s bottoms. Let me stress that there is absolutely no truth in this, and I am a serious record mogul and impresario, doing a serious job that has absolutely nothing to do with looking at pictures of women’s bottoms.

Crawford Smoothe:
Simon, if you’re looking for pictures of women’s bottoms, this is not the best site to come to. I would highly recommend that you visit [URL redacted], as they have over 381 million pictures of women’s bottoms. If a woman has had a picture taken of her bottom, it will be on that site.

Simon Cowell:    [Details]
I repeat, I AM NOT LOOKING FOR PICTURES OF WOMEN’S BOTTOMS. But I can’t see that link anyway, so even if I was it would be of no use.

Ed Case:
Would you support a call for the proper display of all links to sites full of pictures of women’s bottoms?

Simon Cowell:    [Details]
Yes I would. But not because I’m in any way interested in looking at pictures of women’s bottoms. Purely because I am an advocate of free speech and I think redacting a link amounts to censorship… Unless it’s a link to Louis Walsh’s Facebook page, obviously. It should be the law that all links to Louis Walsh’s fan page are deleted.

Babe TV (Administrator):
I’m sorry the link has been redacted Your Excellency. The blog monitoring software is blocking it because there’s a rude word in the URL. Would you like me to email you the link?

Simon Cowell:    [Details]
Well, I’m now faced with a difficult decision. On the one hand I have no wish to look at a site full of pictures of women’s bottoms, but on the other hand I have been a victim of censorship and I think that wrong should be righted.

Babe TV (Administrator):
Sorry to put you in such a difficult situation Sir. I await your instructions on how to proceed. Once I receive them in my inbox I will act upon them immediately.

Simon Cowell:    [Details]
PM sent.

Babe TV (Administrator):
This is a formal statement and apology pertaining to an unacceptable situation on this blog, whereby His Excellency Mr Cowell was made a victim of censorship. Events subsequently unfolded which could have been construed to lend weight to rumours that Mr Cowell is actively seeking pictures of women’s bottoms. Whilst I have resolved the unfortunate censorship issue by sending His Excellency a link to a website which contains 381 million pictures of women’s bottoms, I have done so secure in the knowledge that he has no wish to look at said pictures, and will not click the link.

Further to my actions in relation to the above, I have set up a special exclusion within the blog monitoring software to ensure that any posts containing links to Louis Walsh’s fan page are automatically deleted and that members posting them are automatically banned. I should also like to stress that His Excellency Mr Cowell is able to play the organ, and I would encourage anyone reading this to help spread that important message.

The TV Angels blog apologises unreservedly to His Excellency Mr Cowell for any administrative incompetence which could have suggested or wrongly created the impression that he is looking for pictures of women’s bottoms. Any member found to be suggesting, either publicly or in private, that His Excellency is looking for pictures of women’s bottoms, or that he is unable to play the organ, will be instantly banned.