Yvette Merriman – Babestation Channel 33

Yvette Merriman - Babestation

Former Babestation icon Yvette Merriman, captured late night, in a moment of calm amid the usual storm on Freeview Channel 33, May 2009.


Rip Van Poltis:
Now seven and a half years since she left the channels, and male discipline has been going wayward ever since.

Bob Smith:
But did she even exist? According to Twirpz, there is now some doubt as to whether Babestation exists at all, or ever has done…

Babestation Does Not Exist

Simon Cowell:    [Details]
Absolutely ridiculous. People tried to pitch that one about me too. They actually went as far as building a robot and saying it was me. It couldn’t even tie its shoelaces and 400,000 people followed it on Twitter. All conspiracy theorists should be lined up and aggressively lanced in the privates with a fork. In fact don’t even bother lining them up. Just fork them in the privates.

Dick Splash:
They made one of Louis Walsh and it couldn’t remember who Boyzone were.

Simon Cowell:    [Details]
Yes, well obviously some are more convincing than others darling.