Noughties Party People Compilation

Party People pictures

How many faces can you remember from this compilation of stills from archive footage of the cult (2006-2009) UK ‘babe show’ Party People? Let’s travel back to the heyday of the programme to remind ourselves who these visions or glamour were…

At the top left, that is of course Camilla Jayne, kicking off the 3am Channel 37 broadcast from the familiar chaise longue. Viewers were encouraged to send in pictures of themselves, for the girls to view on their laptop computer.

Top right, we see (L-R) Rachel Cole, Geri, and Donna Duke presenting a mob-handed intro, typical of the show after Babestation’s night girls took full control of the schedule. These chat/interview-based introductions could last between a few minutes and a quarter of an hour, and were often entertainingly humorous. The models were sharp-witted and had no trouble prompting laughs.

Lower left, Morgan Preece (at the time just “Morgan”) sits seductively on the main platform set inviting viewers to make interactive calls. Even though Party People screened at night, the calls would often be ‘flirty’ as opposed to ‘dirty’, although by 2009 when the show was axed, they were weighted very much towards the latter.

Lower right, naughty fairy Jemma ‘Tinkerbell’ Jey flashes that deadly smile in the dark of night as the cult interactive audience waits for a telephone number to dial.


Matthew Widehead:
Blog Member

British cheeky chat lines were the envy of the world in those days.

Ed Case:
Blog Member

So true. Japan had cutting edge technology, America had guitars, Switzerland had precision watches – but no one could rival Great Britain for naughty-cheeky chat. We were the naughty-cheeky chat capital of the world.

Mr Collieman:
Blog Member

Didn’t export much though, did we?

Jack Smart:
Private Investigator

We didn’t need to. Naughty-cheeky TV babes couldn’t cope with our own unrelenting demand for live Tommy Tank lines, let alone anyone else’s. In fact we needed to IMPORT naughty-cheeky chat, such was our staggeringly voracious consumption rate.

Dick Splash:
Blog Member

Great days. Certainly put the United Kingdom back on the world map, and we didn’t even have to start a war.