Preeti Young – Olympic Summer 2012

Preeti Young wink - Babestation 2012

Zooming back to the year of 2012, and a reminder that the UK could have won at least one more Olympic gold had there been a winking category in the games.

Yes, ’tis long-time Babestation luminary Preeti Young fronting Babestation 1 in the summer of the London Olympics. Guests from around the world sampling British television for the first time may well have been tempted to arrange further visits after encountering Babestation’s topless and naked models across Channels 93 to 96, all night, every night of the week.

Here in late 2017, Preeti and her twin sister Priya remain among an elite group of TV chat presenters who currently dominate the Babestation schedule. They spend more time on television than the nation’s biggest mainstream celebrities, with the notable addition that all their appearances are entirely live.


Matthew Widehead:
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A winking category? That’s a typo, right?

Mr Collieman:
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A monochrome of Preeti on the Babestation chaise longue.

Preeti Young phone shake monochrome

Babe TV:
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And heading just a little further back in time, here she is on Thursday 14th April 2011, with her pole – once again on Babestation.
Preeti Young Babestation pole dance 2011

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She was the reason I bought a new television.

Gerald Fox:
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Because you wanted to see her dazzling gorgeousness in higher quality?

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No, cuz I was enjoying her on the old TV when my girlfriend threw it out of the window.