Jennifer Jade – Studio66 TV

Jennifer Jade - Studio66 TV

It’s almost the end of the night shift on the morning of 9th September 2017, as Jennifer Jade holds the Studio66 screen for the final few seconds before daytime television commences.

Jennifer became one of the few babe channel newcomers this decade to command huge chunks of regular airtime on Freeview – initially through the Playboy TV Chat show, going terrestrial in December 2011 in the hands of Red Light Central.

Jennifer has been a fixture on Studio66 nights throughout the current Freeview run, which began on 1st April 2016, and this ‘study’ set has become almost inextricably associated with her style. Continue reading “Jennifer Jade – Studio66 TV”


Jemma Jey – Old Babestation 1

Jemma Jey - Babestation 1

A golden memory from noughties Babestation, as Jemma Jey presents a typically seductive intro to her opening chat section on Monday 18th May 2009.

This was right at the peak of Jemma’s career on the UK babe channels, coming after six months of high profile mischief on the game-changing Channel 46 all-nighter Party Girls. Over that period, Jemma had also sustained very regular appearances on the Channel 37 flirtfest Party People, as well as intensive work across other Babestation brands on the Sky platform. Continue reading “Jemma Jey – Old Babestation 1”

Geri with Ella Jolie: Glamourchase – 2010

Geri with Ella Jolie on Glamourchase

It’s 3am on Saturday 4th December 2010, as Glamourchase, still in its infancy, hits Channel 97. About to introduce the show with a long explanation of the concept is seasoned Babestation presenter Geri, and waiting to start the chat service in the background is Ella Jolie – already known within the sphere of reality TV. Continue reading “Geri with Ella Jolie: Glamourchase – 2010”

Alex Adams on Bang Babes

Alex Adams - Bang Babes, 8th May 2010

Less commonly seen as a brunette on the UK interactive chat shows, Alex Adams is captured here seductively placed and ready to introduce Bang Babes on TMTV Channel 98 – Saturday 8th May 2010.

During her time at Bang Babes, long-time babe channel presenter Alex adopted this dark haired look for just two weeks from the end of April 2010. Continue reading “Alex Adams on Bang Babes”

Lucy-Anne Brooks on Early Bird

Lucy-Anne Brooks - Early Bird, March 2010

Ask a long-time fan of interactive daytime chat programmes to drop the channel politics and tell you the name of the hottest show ever to hit the UK’s Freeview EPG, and there’ll only be one answer: Early Bird. Continue reading “Lucy-Anne Brooks on Early Bird”

Charlie O’Neil – Elite Nights 24th April 2011

Charlie O'Neil - Elite TV, 24th April 2011

On the first Saturday night of Elite TV’s terrestrial run on Channel 192, Charlie O’Neil introduces the interactive chat programme to a selection of the UK’s most sleepless males. Technically, it’s Sunday morning, since Elite did not go live on 192 until 1am, having taken up the broadcasting slot which Television X’s Honey Nights vacated less than a week earlier.

Through the course of Elite TV’s Freeview era, which ended in January 2012, Charlie was one of the most intensively employed models. Given the nature of the channel’s commercial system, that would almost certainly indicate she was a highly successful seller of the service. Continue reading “Charlie O’Neil – Elite Nights 24th April 2011”

Amanda Rendall – April Fools Day 2010

Amanda Rendall 1 April 2010

In the period of just over six months between 24th October 2009 and 1st May 2010, Amanda Rendall was a headline name (some would argue THE headline name) on the TMTV night show Bang Babes. This image comes from the 5am section on Channel 98, 1st April 2010, and shows that despite The A-Bomb’s reputation for sexual fireworks, she can do high glamour as well as any model on the planet. Continue reading “Amanda Rendall – April Fools Day 2010”