Ashley Emma in Close-Up (Elite TV)

Ashley Emma - Elite TV Close-up

Following on from a previous image of Ashley Emma on Elite TV, here’s a close-up face shot of the Babestation regular, back in her blonde days, on Freeview Channel 192.

The introductions to Elite TV’s night show of the early tenties would run without sales graphics, allowing some great opportunities for high-impact TV screen captures. Despite the low bandwidth of Channel 192’s transmission feed, the steady camera shot, coupled with a monochrome rendition, has produced a fine image of a glowing model. Continue reading “Ashley Emma in Close-Up (Elite TV)”


Ava Blue With Tiffany Chambers – Babestation

Ava Blue and Tiffany Chambers 1 Jan 2011

This was the intro to the Babestation Freeview night show on New Year’s Day 2011. Tiffany (right) was the night’s main presenter and was about to take photos of Ava for viewers to download. Ava would then take calls. Continue reading “Ava Blue With Tiffany Chambers – Babestation”

Ashley Emma on Elite TV

Ashley Emma Elite TV 2011

Ashley Emma getting ready to open the Elite TV Freeview show in 2011.

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Fernanda Ferrari on Early Bird

Fernanda Ferrari

Fernanda Ferrari introducing the Early Bird show – TMVT Channel 98

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Geri – Babestation Monochrome

Geri Babestation Advert

A monochrome of Geri from one of Babestation’s full screen content adverts

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Ella Jolie – Babestation Xtra

Ella Jolie Babestation Xtra

Ella Jolie introducing an edition of BS Xtra – SmileTV3

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