Cali Garcia – Babestation Daytime Promo

Cali Garcia Babestation Daytime Promo

A colourful image of Cali Garcia in a 2016 promotional sequence from Babestation Daytime.

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Yvette Merriman – Babestation Channel 33

Former Babestation icon Yvette Merriman, captured late night, in a moment of calm amid the usual storm on Freeview Channel 33, May 2009.

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Ava Blue With Tiffany Chambers – Babestation

Ava Blue and Tiffany Chambers 1 Jan 2011

This was the intro to the Babestation Freeview night show on New Year’s Day 2011. Tiffany (right) was the night’s main presenter and was about to take photos of Ava for viewers to download. Ava would then take calls. Continue reading “Ava Blue With Tiffany Chambers – Babestation”