Old Pictures of Lori Buckby

Lori Buckby Party People

To start the ball rolling, here’s a newly distilled capture from archive footage of the noughties flirt show Party People. This was the programme on which long-time interactive TV chat babe Lori Buckby first connected with the UK terrestrial TV audience. Continue reading “Old Pictures of Lori Buckby”


Megan Moore and Ava Blue: Glamourchase – 2011

Megan Moore and Ava Blue - Glamourchase - 2011

Megan and Ava chatting live on the short-lived night time TV show.

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Yvette Merriman – Babestation Channel 33

Yvette Merriman - Babestation

Former Babestation icon Yvette Merriman, captured late night, in a moment of calm amid the usual storm on Freeview Channel 33, May 2009.

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