Camilla Jayne – Babewatch Lifeguard: Midsummer’s Night 2012

Camilla Jayne - Babewatch Lifeguard

Appearing on Babestation as a Babewatch lifeguard on Thursday 21st June 2012, Camilla Jayne gives the midsummer solstice an air of extra safety.

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Rebecca Kelly – Studio66 Early Mornings

Rebecca Kelly Studio66

Some irresistible shots of Rebecca Kelly on Studio66’s early morning Freeview TV show between March and September 2017. The first, above, comes from September ’17, and is captured from footage of the 05:30 transmission on Channel 679. Continue reading “Rebecca Kelly – Studio66 Early Mornings”

Noughties Party People Compilation

Party People pictures

How many faces can you remember from this compilation of stills from archive footage of the cult (2006-2009) UK ‘babe show’ Party People? Let’s travel back to the heyday of the programme to remind ourselves who these visions or glamour were… Continue reading “Noughties Party People Compilation”

Macy Leigh on Studio66 Nights – Xmas 2016

Macy Leigh Studio 66 Nights

Macy Leigh makes an appearance on the Studio66 TV Freeview night show in the early hours of 25th December 2016. Studio66 ran on UK terrestrial television as Elite TV between April 2011 and January 2012, then commenced a new Freeview run at the start of April 2016, which has continued to the present time.

Macy has proved a very popular choice for the daytime show, but has only sneaked over to the ‘dark side’ on the odd occasion. Continue reading “Macy Leigh on Studio66 Nights – Xmas 2016”

Partyland Photo Promotions (2009)

A compilation of four rare pic download promotions from Freeview transmissions of the UK ‘babeshow’ Partyland in 2009.

The black-backed screen design was only used in the initial phase of the programme, which began in March 2009, when the channel was run by Sex Station. After Babestation took control of Partyland through the course of summer ’09, the black promo backing changed to mid blue, making the Sex Station promotions very easy to recognise. Continue reading “Partyland Photo Promotions (2009)”

Darelle Oliver – Studio66 TV

Darelle Studio66 TV November 2017

Darelle on Studio66 TV. The image has now been updated with a November 2017 vision from the night show.

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Megan Moore and Ava Blue: Glamourchase – 2011

Megan Moore and Ava Blue - Glamourchase - 2011

Megan and Ava chatting live on the short-lived night time TV show.

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